Chaisang Sdn Bhd is an office pantry supplier located in the heart of Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. In a competitive, fast-moving and increasingly regulated marketplace, Chaisang has been one of the leading office pantry suppliers for more than 30 years.



Chaisang presents to our clients a wide selection of items from various categories to choose from to supply their office pantries. For every product segment, we try to ensure that there are several alternatives ranging from the high-end products to the cost effective options.


Ad hoc

We have an in-house team dedicated to handling requests for specialised requirements; may it be a sudden request from management, events, a specific item required by your office or an urgent replacement of your office pantry equipment.


Items we have sourced and obtained for our customers range from a large quantity of rubix cubes, speciality food items not readily available in supermarkets, right up to office pantry equipment and even wine chillers.


Coffee Beans & Machines

As the demand for roasted coffee beans has been increasing and the palate of the regular Malaysian becomes more sophisticated due to the influx of boutique coffee shops, we strive to improve upon our selection of beans to ensure that the caffeine demands of your workforce are met. We supply beans from the top of the market’s independent ‘artisanal beans’ to the broad market everyday beans, to ensure that we have a selection list to cater to the most picky connoisseurs to the curious coffee bean fledglings.


Chaisang has mobilized to cater to that demand by providing direct purchase or rental options of coffee machines. We are constantly working on improving the brand selection, so please contact us if there is an interest in this service. We will be more than happy to explain the service in further detail and assist in the process of acquiring a coffee machine that will suit your organisation.


Fresh Fruits

Several corporates have taken on the “green and healthy initiative” to ensure their employees have sufficient nutrients to focus on their daily task. Chaisang assists our clients in creating this healthy environment by regularly providing fruits to their employees. We have a wide range of standard and seasonal fruits for your needs.


Fresh Breads & Pastries

The oncoming demand for baked goods vigorously continues among our corporate clients, Therefore, we serve a variety of freshly baked goods ranging from doughnuts to pastries. We currently cater for all kinds of occasions; breakfast, tea, events, etc.


Our Delivery Network

Our timeline for standard delivery points are within 3 working days. Please note that orders received after 2.00pm will be considered as received on the next working day. This timeline only applies to Purchase Orders which are cleared by our processing team without any discrepancies (eg: price, product description, etc) and without outstanding payments for previous orders.