Our Essence of Success

The main ingredient to our ever growing success is our people. Being a Malaysian-grown company, diversity is significant in defining the culture of a company. Chaisang is not only diverse in race and the mixture of genders but also in the cultural backgrounds of our employees. The long-term success of any business, calls for a diverse body of talent that can bring fresh ideas, perspectives and views to their work.

Our Values and Principles

“Customer comes first”.

At Chaisang, we train our employees to provide the best round the clock service to our customers. Chaisang continuously strive to build healthy relationships with our customers. We believe that good customer service equals to loyal customers. The proof is in the pudding; many of our loyal customers have been with us since 25 years ago and we are still serving them at our best. We pay special attention and emphasis on placing the customers’ priorities ahead of anything else and hence provide a personalized customer experience.

Our Team at Work

Our Social Responsibility

Following the footsteps of the founder, the company gave back to society by providing supplies to the community in need, job opportunities to the less fortunate, guidance to the youths and help to the football teams in the community. The staff, despite their financial needs, gave out of their generous hearts to the earthquake victims of Nepal and drought victims of Somalia.

Our Goals

The strength of Chaisang’s success lies in its enduring pursuit of service excellence. The core ethos of dedication, hard work, loyalty and the importance of human touch is firmly entrenched into the organisation culture of Chaisang. Presenting the widest service range available in the market, covering every aspect of an organisation’s pantry, Chaisang remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of service offerings and evolving the expectations of service standards within its industry.