Back in the 1940s, a boy, barely a teen, dumped his school bag into a stream and ran off to earn a living. Armed with boldness and two bare hands, he worked day and night at odd jobs to feed his parents and 9 siblings.

“Ngai Zhai Dim”, Cantonese meaning for ‘short shop’, a wooden run down makeshift corner shop in Sentul was where it all started. From Yau Char Kwai (fried crullers), the founder, aided by his wife, started selling sundry items which entailed the tedious work of repacking gunny sacks of rice, cumin seeds, star anise and other spices into smaller plastic bags to the back breaking work of riding his heavy cargo tricycle with punctured tyres to and fro Gombak to purchase durians, mangosteens and other fruits to be sold.

Starting with just a small variety of sundries, the business soon grew and his younger brother joined him.

Sentul was a poor community and the constant struggles of everyday life to find sustenance and shelter was prevalent on a daily basis. Despite his busy schedule, the founder made it a point to find time to aid those in need within the community as well as his friends by providing supplies or support to them.

Displaying characteristics commonly found in Chinese of his generation, he was a no-nonsense man of stern demeanor which would shed to reveal a kind and caring soul underneath his tough exterior

It is upon these foundations of friendship and camaraderie which Chai Sang was built and its legacy etched into the once impoverished community called Sentul.


Through sheer grit and determination, he toiled day and night. With his entrepreneurial skils, soon Ngai Zhai Dim was too small and with his hard earned savings, he purchased 63 Jalan Sentul which was just three shops away. Hence the birth of Chop Chai Sang, meaning ‘born again’.


Comes the time when we must face the toughest task a leader must face,the task to pass the leadership baton to the next generation. The responsibility of this growing company is passed down from father to son.

The legacy of the founder still lives on in Chaisang through his successor.


Through hard work, determination, boldness and foresight,Chai Sang’s successor and his team led Chai Sang to be one of the leading office pantry supplier in Malaysia.


With the inherited skill of negotiations and boldness, the successor negotiated with the suppliers and passed on the saving to the customers, thus winning the company, the Malaysian Fair Price Award.

His policy of “Customers always come first” is firmly entrenched in his staff.


In January 2009, the business was converted from a partnership to a private limited entity, Chaisang Sdn Bhd.


Harnessing our latent potential and utilizing our tried and tested stability, diverse capabilities, resources and contacts gained through time, we are proud to be able to serve an array of businesses from SMEs to multinational conglomerates with distinction. We constantly strive to improve our services and enhance our offerings to our clients.